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Ismail H. Warsame
Chief of Cabinet, State of Punt land
Foreign journalists including some Americans who were sent to Bosaso did not visit Shinbirale site as alleged by their guides, but instead they have been to mareero fishing community 30 Kms off Bosaso.
These journalists were misled to believe that they had visited Shinbirale by Yassin Omar Dheere, the Ex-Governor of Bosaso and Jama Ali Jama.
Shinbirale is 45 Kms away from Bosaso to the direction of Aula, not to the west of Bosaso, but to the east of the town. They have been sent with a mission to look for the hideouts of Al Itihad extremists and instead ended up being misled by local Al Itihad activists like Jama Ali Jama. Worse of all, these journalists including a few Mogadishu representatives of the local media have been guests of Al Itihad community, isolated from the rest of the residents until foreign journalists had left, leaving behind the Mogadishu group, who demanded later to meet with the wider Bosaso community.
Foreign journalists left Bosaso for Hargheysa/Djibouti not knowing that they had not been to Shinbirale.
This was a real media scandal.

Ismail H. Warsame
Chief of Cabinet, State of Punt land
Waxaa na soo gaarsiiyay xogogaal Jooga Bosaaso.
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