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Dowalad Goboleedka Puntland ee Somaliyeed   PUNTLAND STATE OF SOMALIA
Dowalad Goboleedka Puntland ee Somaliyeed
PUNTLAND STATE                    OF SOMALIA

Galkayo/Garowe, November 24,2001
A delegation of Arta Faction went to Malaysia to secure an oil exploration contract and rights involving millions of dollars, a portion of which Arta Faction officials will receive as an advance payment.  
This Malay money like the Arab's will be used to further destabilize Somalia and endanger regional peace.  
Malaysia is also printing fake Somali Shillings for the Arta Faction, a plan of economic sabotage to create more havoc and hardships for the ordinary men, women and children of Somalia.  
In another development, the Government of Djibouti has stepped up its campaign of political sabotage and interference in the internal affairs of Somalia. The Djibouti leadership, after creating the Excusive Club of Arta Faction, an entity composed of religious extremists and officials of the discredited former military dictatorship of Siyad Barre, has embarked upon the high road of further destabilizing Puntland State of Somalia. In cooperation with the Arta Faction and Al Itiahd extremists, Djibouti has decided to play new dangerous games of even trying to dismember Puntland State by supplying money and material to ideological enemies of Puntland State and mobilization of the officials of Arta Faction to step up further destabilization of the State.  
Puntland State of Somalia, therefore, appeals to the international community at large and to the states in the sub-region for assistance in resisting the renewed dangerous and hostile policies of Malaysia and Djibouti in their collaboration with the so-called TNG (Mogadishu) and its allies, al Itihad extremists and agents of Al Qaeda in Somalia.   

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