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Appeal to suspend the acceptance of the nomination of Somali Ambassador in UN by Arta group

To:  H.E. The Secretary General of the United Nations
CC:  Security Council
CC: The president of the OAU
CC: The president of the league of Arab states
CC: The president of the delegation of the European Commission
CC: The president of the organization of Islamic Conference
CC: United States Mission to the United Nations

Your Excellency,

RE:  Appeal to suspend the acceptance of the nomination of Somali Ambassador in UN by Arta group

Somalia civil war went through different stages and has entered eleventh years with unprecedented and terrified evil acts against unarmed civilians. Unfortunately, the spearheading group is the newly created group in Djibouti (Arta village). They (TNG) are the worest faction ever existed since the collapsed of the military regime. Because this faction got international aid specially from Arab countries whether it is well-meaning to help Somalia to stand by its foot or to fuel the cycle of violence which erupted the inter country of Somalia, when they called them selves Transitional National Government. TNG tricked the international community to believe that a representative Somali Government came into being as a result of the recent Djibouti-sponsored Somali reconciliation, which in fact give birth to a yet another faction in Somalia's faction-ridden political chaos. This faction, better known as Arta group by the Somalis, invested the money got from international aid to destabilize the recovered zones (Puntland and Somaliland) and cause further bloodshed in troubled areas in the country. A/kasim Salad, the so-called president of TNG, sent malitia of his sub-clan (Ayr) to Kismayo, the port city and the capital of Lower-Juba.  This army has massacred 150 innocent unarmed civilians; most of them were children, women, and elderly men.  General Galal, the head of this militia and the cousin of A/kasim Salad ordered to terrorize, torture, intimidate, and rape against the inhabitants of Kismayo.  The invasion of Kismayo by A/kasim Salad is evidence that he is not a leader of a nation, but a leader of Ayr moryan (gangs).  This cruel act is not a national objective, since it is his sub-clan that is occupying Kismayo and is committing atrocities against innocent civilians.

The Arta group advocates violence, atrocities, and lawlessness at home specially the recovery-zone while presetting itself to the international community as TNG in Somalia, committed to national reconciliation.  The only way the world can stop the crimes of the Arta group against the Somali people is to deny financial and humanitarian assistance.  The humanitarian assistance donated by some members of Arab league, has been diverted from its good intentions and objectives to the deployment of militia to destroy, commit atrocities, and kill people of Jubba, Shabele, Bay, Bakol, Gedo, Puntland, Somaliland, and other regions of the country.  The Arta group (so-called Transitional National Government) in Somalia does not represent the Somali people.  Their administration is limited to a section of the capital city of Mogadishu, more accurately in three small hotels in the heart of city.

These are the names and ages of the rape victims in Kismayo city:

     Name                                                   Age
1- Safiyo Jama Cigaal                         22 yrs
2- Asha Salad Awil                               34 yrs
3- Sacdiyo Cumar Naley                    28 yrs
4- Saynab Mohamed Indha-cade    18 yrs
5- Sharifo Mohamed Caddow          44 yrs
6- Sahra Cusman Omar                     12 yrs
7- Sahra Xasan Jama                           17 yrs
8- Aamina Abdi Mohamoud             58 yrs
9- Dugsiyo Mahamad                         27 yrs
10- Faadumo Kaatun Ciise                38 yrs
11- Qaali Hasan Kullal                       24 yrs
12- Awliyo Xasan Kullal                     24 yrs                          

     The above stated facts can be verified by independent sources.  We, as Somali nationalists and patriots living in abroad, hereby appeal to your Excellency (UN Secretary General) on behalf of the Somali people. This people are voiceless and not represented in the world Arena and they are asking you not to accept anybody nominated by Arta group which is only one faction and most notorious one in the all factions.  We as Somalis no longer consider this criminals, gangs, and remnants of Regime of Siyad Barre (TNG) as been representative of the nation.  The Somalis ask that the nomination should not be accepted on the basis that it will only serve the interest of Arta group, and not the nation.  Your Excellency, if you accept the nominations of Arta group as representatives of Somalia, then you prescribed the death of Somali nation Your Excellency, we (Somali People) do not consider you only as UN Secretary General, but also as African patriot and it is your duty to consider the cry of the nation.

Yours truly,

 By the leaders of the Somali Community of Minnesota:

AbdiBarre Yusuf Jibril The chairman of the community
Dahir Mirre Jibril member
Abdulkadir Aden Farah member
Mohamoud Farah Egal member
Osman Mohamoud Ali member
Abdirisak Ali Bihi member
Abdirisak Abdulle Bawbale member
Abdi Warsame ( Gacmo ) member
Aden Isse member
Mohamed Ahmed Noor member
Said Jama Bihi member
Fadumo Ali Hassan member
Jama Farah Egal member
Abdullahi Ali Farah member
Zamzam Ali Hassan member
Fartun Dahir Hussein member
Safio Mohamoud Hassan member
Katra Abdullahi Dirie member
Nimo Yusuf Ali member
Hawo Dirie Hussein member
Abshir Mohamed Ahmed member
Ayah Abdi Dinah

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